About Me

My name is Tim and I am an aviation photographer from the Hunter Valley in NSW. I have experience in shooting all sorts of different aircraft, including radio-controlled, private general aviation, and military aircraft. My images have been published in magazines such as Australian Aviation and books such as 50 More Tales of Flight.

I have been shooting for over fifteen years; over this time technology has evolved and I have enjoyed developing and practising all my skills in order to make the most of what is available to me. I am always keen to try new ideas and to challenge myself. It is my belief that no matter how much experience I have and how far I have come, I never stop learning. I don't ever want to let myself grow stale. Simply doing the bare minimum is not enough; I try to be excellent at whatever I do.

I have a passion for vehicles in general that extends to my career in military fast jets, and this carries over into my photography. I do regular work for a local radio-controlled flying club, a challenge which has taken me years to refine. These planes can be as small as your forearm and travel at very high speeds. Trying to capture fine detail in these aircraft is something that takes excellent equipment, tuned camera settings, a keen eye, and a steady hand to perfect!

Lastly, I would like to thank my long-term mentor Mark Bradford (http://picbywulos.com.au), who spent countless hours with me in the early years developing my skills and enabling me to pursue my passion to where I am today. I appreciate the guidance and interest taken, and I always consciously make the effort to help those who need it in the same way that I have been helped.

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